Friday, September 26, 2008

Found a new site for Christian Videos

Hey Yall,

While visiting my Cousin Joey's My-Space site I came across a bunch of videos he had posted from this site. It's awesome..Thanks Cuz

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marry your best friend or better yet stay married to them


Today the Lord has been talking to me about the importance of friendships in marriage. I don't know how I thought about this but it's been on my mind and I have to write it down. I have been doing a lot of thinking about how God has blessed my life and how I see him doing great things in other peoples lives. One example I gave before was a lady in our Sunday School class who told Heidi and the rest of the class she was getting back with her ex-husband after being divorced for 4 years. The look of excitement and happiness on her face was priceless. I still get teary eyed when I picture it. Friends, if you married your best friend and are now separated or even thinking of leaving please give your marriage another chance. Let our Father come into your hearts and make you realize what you really have. He will if you let him. I have been on the other side and trust me I have seen what it does to families and friends. It's not worth it. Remember the enemy loves to destroy families and push us further away from God. He hates to see strong loving families and will try anything he can to break them up.

But the "good news" is it's never too late to change your situation. It's never too late to say I am sorry. It's never too let to say "lets stay together" To quote the Rev. Al Green " lets stay together" " whether times are good or bad or happy or sad" Friends the past is the past and there is nothing you can do but learn from it. Forgive each other and start fresh. What a great feeling it is to be given a fresh start. Just like when you give your life to Christ, everything is new and your past is forgiven and according to the Bible even forgotten. Try it, you have nothing to lose and you might even gain something!

Friends, chances are that at one time your spouse was your best friend. You guys probably did everything together, confided in one another, supported one another and loved one another. But over the years you drifted apart, you let the stress of children, family, finances and petty arguments come between you. Then your flesh started talking to you, and I am not just talking about sex. But you started feeling not loved and cared for. Suddenly you started feeling that your friendship is over and there is nothing left. But the thing is, your spouse is probably feeling the same way. That's when you open the door for the enemy to come in. He only needs a crack to get his foot in. Friends, we have to be constantly on the lookout for the enemy. He knows when your weak, he knows how to push your buttons. That's when you have to tell him to get behind you and use the name of our Father. Then he will flee. Guy's we have to come together and fight for our families, we have to lean on each other when we are hurting. As Christians we need to talk to our hurting brothers and sisters and give them hope. We are losing the battle and lives are being destroyed.

But the good news is we can win this with the help of our Father. We have the instruction book that tells us how to live. It tells us how to be a good wife " Proverbs 31" How to have a great sex life with your spouse " Song of Songs" and how to love and forgive " the whole New Testament" It's all there! The wild thing is that it was written over 2000 yrs ago and still speaks to us today.
Read these verses and books, pray and ask Jesus to come into your life. Pray for your spouse. If you are one of these people riding the relationship merry go round get off! Get your feet back on the ground! Work on your friendships, work on yourself, work on your relationships with your family, give your problems to God and let Jesus in your heart. Friends I hope and pray you will have the joy and happiness you deserve and be blessed.


Please forgive me for my sins against my family and friends, as I forgive those who have sinned against me, Father thank you for your grace and mercy, Father thank you for the many blessings you have given me, thank you for my best friend!, thank you for my children, thank you for my brother and sisters, thank you for my family in Christ, Father please help all of my hurting Brothers and Sisters, Father please restore our Families, Father you gave your only Son as payment for our sins and we know by his blood we are saved,Father be with those who don't know your Son, show them his glory, his faithfulness and his love for us. Father you are so great, so awesome, thank you Lord! It's in your name we pray..Amen

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a great weekend!

Hey friends,

Just wanted to share a little of my weekend with y'all. First of all I celebrated my 42ND Birthday on Friday. My lovely wife took me out to breakfast and then spoiled me all day. Then my brother Tony and family came down from Nashville for the weekend. We had a great time! We went to SixFlags on Saturday and had a blast, we ended up spending the whole day there and closed the park down! By the end of the day everyone was wet, tired and very excited by the experience. We will definilty be doing that again. On sunday we went to our church and and had some great fellowship. I am really excited to see how God has been working in our lives and in the lives of our family and friends. God is truely good and I know if there are people out there who are hurting and feel the World is against them. I beg you to hand your problems and worries over to God; he is faithful! I have seen him work in my life many times. Friends like the song goes " I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see" His grace is amazing! Don't give up!

I love you all!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

“Missing the lessons that God wants us to learn”

A good friend of Heidi's came up with the following quote “ I am so consumed with the way I react about situations that I am missing the most important lessons that God wants for me to learn!’’ How true is this statement? For me it fits like a glove. How many times have we been on fire for Jesus just to have something come up and throw us off track? Or we will be doing great and then something will upset us and then we let the flesh take over. It’s amazing how we can come out of one storm and think we are fine then all of a sudden another one comes along. But the key to peace is how we react to the storm. If you read the Gospels, Jesus slept while a storm was swamping the boat that he and the disciples were in. The disciples woke him up and said “don’t you even care if we drown?” Of course he cares but more importantly he wants us to have faith. To me Faith means knowing that Jesus will answer our prayers and take care of any situation regardless of the circumstances. How many times have we worried about things that ended up never happening, only to be robbed of our peace and happiness during that time? Personally I would rather just hand my problems off to Jesus and feel at ease knowing he is handling my situation. Friends last night I was upset over a situation and I couldn’t do anything, I tried reading my bible but couldn’t concentrate, I was even having trouble sleeping. Then this morning I talked to my brother Tony who prayed with me over the phone about it and just like that my answer appeared and my peace was restored. But the whole time I was upset and I didn’t let Jesus in my heart and was I miserable.

Friends the enemy loves to throw obstacles in our path when we want to do something for Jesus. How often do we wake up on Sunday morning and do not feel like going to Church or we look at the clock and say it’s “too late, maybe next time”. Is it me or do we sometimes get into arguments on Sunday mornings? It’s funny how during the week we can get up 3 hours earlier, get ready for work, drive 30 miles and be on time; and yet we’re not able to drive 5 miles down the road on Sunday morning. Friends we need to follow 1 Corinthians 16:13 and “Be watchful, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong” This is what I had to do last Wednesday when our AC went out. I was determined to go to Church that night, I had been back home for 2 months and something was always keeping me from going, but this time I decided nothing short of an emergency was going stop me, I didn’t care who was tired or wasn’t feeling it, I was going!. I told Heidi that we would worry about the AC later and that nothing was going to keep us from going to the service. We had a great time at the service and when we came home I ask God for help with the AC and somehow I was able to get the blower motor working so we would be cool that night. We ended up getting it fixed 2 days later. God is so great when we have faith in him. We can do it! We just have to fight the flesh and follow our heart! God will take of the rest. Guys, put Jesus first and everything else will work out. I hope this Blog was helpful. I have really been inspired by some of the blogs from Heidi’s friends and other members of our Church. I am so excited about this new outlet. I feel it’s another way to fellowship and reach those who need some encouragement. And on a personal note it’s very good therapy for me to be able to get my thoughts on paper like this. I have a real problem communicating my thoughts and Ideals, so please be patient with me. I love you guys and more importantly Jesus loves us and gave his life for us..

Monday, September 15, 2008

My first Blog!


Never thought I would start blogging or keeping some kind of journal but here it goes. I always thought of this as keeping a diary but I guess diaries are private and blogs are to be shared. As the title of my blog says I am a Soldier, I have been a Soldier for our Country for the last 22 years and hopefully will be able to serve for a couple more before I have to retire. When I first join the Army back in 1984 the enemy we were fighting was the Russians. I spent almost 8 years in Germany waiting for the Russians to come across the Fulda Gap. Thank God that never happened. Then after the Berlin Wall came down our focused shifted to the Middle east and the first Gulf War. After successfully driving Saddam out of Kuwait our mission turned to being peacekeepers in Bosina. My only regret there was that we didn't go in sooner. And that brings us to the present. I am sure everyone knows what going on now with the War on Terror so I will spare you the details, just know we are keeping the fight over there and off American soil.

Anyway after being a Soldier for so long I have come up against the biggest enemy yet and that of course is " The Enemy", " The Lair" ," The Destroyer" and all the other names associated with the Devil. He is our real enemy and root of most of our problems today. Looking back I guess I have been falling for his schemes for years. But I guess he finally got me two years ago when I was really involved in our Church. The year started off great, I made my decision to be baptised on New Years Day, then from there Heidi and I were singing in the Choir and teaching Vacation Bible School(that was a blast!) Then in October our world started falling apart. I was hospitalized for chest pains and spent our anniversary in a hospital bed. That's when the enemy started talking to me. He was filling my mind with all kinds of crazy ideals and lies. At the time I thought nobody cared for me, it was our anniversary and I was the only one who knew it. After I got released I started thinking about my life and started listening to those voices we all hear sometimes telling us how bad we have it or how we could be so much happier somewhere else. Then it happened. Temptation was finally presented and I took the bait. I thought I had all the answers and thought that somehow I could justify what I was doing. I thought and told everyone else that I was the "victim" when in fact I was the "idiot". I was willing to give up my Family, friends and everything I have worked so hard for just to try to satisfy the flesh. I didn't care about the consequences, I didn't care what people thought..Nothing..I had no shame..I was a big bad Soldier who thought he was owed something. Well to make a long story short I was given what I thought I wanted, what I thought would make me happy, what I thought life was all about. Then suddenly one day my eyes where opened and the shock and reality of the life I was living started sinking in. I realized how wrong I was.

Friends this is one of the biggest problems we face today. So many family's are being destroyed by divorce today and especially in the Church. Some studies have shown that Divorce in Christan family's are higher than in non Christian. I thank God for giving me a loving and forgiving Christian wife who never gave up on me and prayed for me daily. She really is a Blessing in my life.

Well yall to give this story a happy ending, after two years we have worked things out and are rebuilding our lives. We may have lost a lot financially but I feel we are stronger than ever and I feel closer to Jesus. We have found a great Christan Counselor and have started making our marriage a priority. That is why I am a Soldier for Christ. I hope and pray that one day I can help someone who is going through the same thing. On another positive note a lady in our Sunday School class announced that her and her former husband are getting back together and giving their marriage another chance (God is Good) Friends I am an open book and will be glad to share my testimony with anyone who will listen. It's never too late to turn your situation around. Pray about it, talk to a professional, your Pastor, a friend. Read what the Bible says, Proverbs, Song of Songs and1 Peter 3:1-7. There are also a lot of great books out there. We need to stand up and fight for our families, they are our greatest Natural Resource. I love you guys...Peace!!

P.S This is my first real Blog so take it easy on me :-)